My name is Esther White and Estee is one of my nicknames.
I am a certified Makeup Artist and a Professional Photographer

.I started my first Makeup Artist course in 2009 and I practiced applying makeup on several different models, I learned some popular tecnicues and I had a whole makeup kit, two brush sets with 30+ brushes and a lot of course materials.


Form around 2011 till now I have been focusing primarily on photography. I have been working with many other professionals – videographers, models, makeup artists. Throughout the years I gained experience in high end beauty retouch and I saw how my job as photographer and photo editor becomes easier when good makeup is applied.

I already know how important lighting is and that different cameras may reed colors a bit differently. I also know that there are different makeup applications, styles and techniques. Makeup that is intended for everyday wear is different (should be different) than the one that is done for photoshoots.

I try to communicate that with the artists I work with and some understand what I mean while others don’t. There are specific courses that focus on ‘camera ready’ makeup. And you can read a lot about it but it is not the same as actually having the experience of working on set – seeing how the makeup actually looks on camera, how different lighting affects it, how sometimes the colours appear washed out.

Doing the high end beauty retouch thought me about the similarities between digital and real life makeup art. The more beauty photoshoots I did the more I felt like I would like to do the real life makeup application too.

Slowly but surely I came to the conclusion that makeup artistry skills go very well with photography skills 🙂 Being able to do both allows me to complete the whole process of the photoshoot – from the makeup application, trough the lightting and background set up, the actual photography and finally the retouching. I realized that the results are a lot better when the makeup artist (me in the case) knows exactly what happens next 🙂

So ten years after I attended my first makeup artist course – I decided to take copuple more makeup artist courses, just to have more recent certificates and I finally started offering makeup services to go along with the photoshoots I offer 🙂


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