Coastal Scents 22 Piece Makeup Brush Set – Unboxing & Closeup of Each Brush

I got a wonderful 22 Piece Makeup Brush set from Coastal Scents 🙂

I re-discovered this set recently. I am saying re-discovered because I am sure that I have seen videos about it even before… but with time I forgot about them…

As I mention in my other posts I attended my first makeup artist course in 2009.

Time goes by and new techniques and products get popular so I try to make sure that my knowledge stays current by taking a new course very few years.

I often do an extensive online search to check what new courses are available and I also check for discounts.

What I look for at this point, is just an online course that has chapters which I find useful.

I know that I can learn a lot online for free and I do that too.

I still like to have updated certificates because I see this as a sign of someone that takes their work a bit more seriously.

There are a lot of courses but since I already took an expensive course once, with a full kit included, and I don’t  want or need to do this again.

I really don’t recommend courses like that because it is so much better to build your own professional and unique makeup kit by selecting all the products yourself.

This way you can also save a lot of money, especially if you are like me and already have some pro discount cards.

During my search however, I did come across a course – an expensive one with a pre-build kit.

But the nice part was that they had a full list of the items included in the kit so I had a good look through them 🙂

What grabbed my attention immediately was the brush set 🙂 I loved how it looked, I loved the case, the brushes, everything

It did somehow remind me of the first brush set I had… Not sure why because the brushes have a very different design…

Maybe it was the case, I had a diy case which I made from denim and it did look quite similar.

When my brushes arrived I was so happy 🙂 I had to make a video and show you what a lovely brush set this is 🙂

You can buy the set HERE. This is an affiliate link.
If you buy through this link is not going to cost you extra and I will earn a very small commission.

I made a video about those brushes because I really do like & use them 🙂

One more thing that I want to mention is that I am located in Europe and everything was fine with shipping and delivery.




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