In addition to being a Photographer I am also a Certified Makeup Artist :)

I started attending a Beauty – Makeup Artistry Class back in 2009 at IL Makiage Israel.
I had a full professional kit, lots of study materials and in the practical lessons I had the opportunity to apply makeup on many different models. I worked with Ethiopian model, Asian model, Israeli model, British model, few young models and few mature models ๐Ÿ™‚ The models were not provided by the course so I had to reach out to my friends.


I remember that I used to have so many products, accessories and all of the IL Makiage brushes
– the whole set ๐Ÿ™‚ plus 30 spare ones.

I had my brush set case which I made myself using denim and glittery fabric ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss that case… wish I had at least a photo of it… but it was such a long time ago…

I hardly found any photos of that time – the camera I had was soo bad… Thank goodness I was able to find a photo of my diploma even thoug the quality is not good.

I still keep few foundation sponges and few other disposable brushes and applicators. Oh and I did find two glittery green eye pencils and a sharpener. Everything else is long gone.

For a very long while I did put makeup artistry aside.

As a photographer I started workingย  with many makeup artists. Doing high end beauty retouch, many times I had to recreate or fill in missing parts of makeup. Each time I felt that I would like to do the actual real life make up part as well as the digital.

I learned that good makeup makes the retouching so much easier.

For every photoshoot I do preparations – I set up the the lighting, the backdrop etc. So it makes a lot of sense for me to do the makeup too since I already know how the camera reads the colors and the textures and I had practice gained during my first course.

Long story short – today I got a new more current MUA Certificate ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been 10 years since I attended my first course so I wanted to make sure that I am up to date with the changes in the industry.

Apparently I remembered a lot of the things I learned even though it was such a long time ago.

I also created this digital makeup art piece today and I have every intention of trying this look in real life too.

Here are my certificates from 2019
The certificate I got on the 29th of May is by ExpertRating.
The one I got after – the begging of June is by IOA International Open Academy


I did come across few pleople that thought that an online makeup artistry certificate is not relevant – they were saying that you need the practice. So I told them – of course you need practice, just an online certificate on it’s own doesn make you a pro, but I do have practice and I am going to gain more.

There are two components in being a pro – knowledege & practice. Certificates show that you have obtained some knowlage in the field.

Practice is practice – lessons do not cover that much of practice anyways. I had 23 lessons in my real life course – do you think that all of them were practical ? Of course not, the practical lessons were 10 at best… That is about 20 hours practice all together (roughly speaking cos I don’t remember exactly).

Is that enough to be a pro – deffinitely not… The actual practice comes after any course.

Regardles of the type of the course – online, offline, 10 hours, 100 hours – any course attendance shows responsibility and devotion.

I see a difference between someone taking a course first and then moving on to confidently working with other people, and someone who just decided one day – oh I am going to start applying makeup on myself and others and I’m gonna charge for it.

Taking the time to learn things that are related to working with clients – like maintaining good hygene and avoiding cross-contamination, is a sign of someone who is serous about their work.

But I am going to talk more about this in a different post.

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Certified MakeUp Artist. Professional Photographer with 7 years of experience. Explored many photography fields but excel in Dance, Portraiture & Fashion.

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