My First Makeup Artist Course in 2009

I have been interested in makeup artistry for a long while.

I remember that even before I took a course, I had a nice chat with a relative who is a professional makeup artist working in UK, and she was the first one to tell me about the professional makeup artist discount cards 🙂

In 2009 I used to live in Israel and this is when I attended my first makeup artist course.

It was a five month on location course in Tel Aviv with IL Makiage – all in Hebrew.

The price of the course was outrageous – because there was makeup kit and a case included, and the sales department – oh they were vigorous.

The things that I got in the kit – they were not that many and not that practical.

It is a shame that I don’t have many photos from back then.

I wish I had at least one decent photo of the brush sets I had.

Only several brushes came with the course kit, I bought all the rest separately.

I looked through my images and I did manage to find few in which you can see my makeup case at the background but I really wish I had taken better photos.

I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time – I started doing photography few years later…


There weren’t many practical lessons even though the course was quite long – 23 meetings, 6-7 hours each, twice a week.

We had to bring our own models and I am lucky that I got several girls to come and model for me 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact pricing because my memory isn’t that great and I am sure that hey have updated (meaning increased) trier prices by now but I remember that it did cost a lot.

I actually reached out to the branch recently and I spoke with customer care.

I told them that I had taken a course with them and I just wanted to see if they can send me a copy of my diploma and tell me what the current pricing of the course is.

They immediately referred me to the sales department and I spoke with one lady that never told me the actual current price of the course.

She kept insisting that even though I had taken a course I must do it again because a lot has changed in 10 years.

The way she was pushing me into enrolling to the same course agan and the fact that she never told me an exact price left such a bitter feeling and reminded me of all the things that I really disliked about the Israeli brunch of that company.

After the phone call I remembered that while I was taking the course, me and few other girls from the class, discovered that we all had to pay a different price for the course…

They prepare an individual marketing speech and a different price list for each student – in other words – they try very hard to squeeze as much as they possibly can out of you, which I find beyond disgusting!

Sadly nothing has changed for them in those 10 years cos they are still trying to do that… and this is one of the many reasons why I would NOT recommend this course.

When I called, I hoped and truly wished that things had changed… but they haven’t.

Oh yeah… I also used to have ths digital translator by babylon – they were quite popular and practical back then…

I brought it with me to one of the lessons, went to lunch break and never saw it again…

Told everyone but no one did anything to help me find out what happened to it, they just didn’t care…

All and all, this course served its purpose for me – at the time, but if I could go back I would definitely choose another company to go with instead.

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Certified MakeUp Artist. Professional Photographer with 7 years of experience. Explored many photography fields but excel in Dance, Portraiture & Fashion.

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