My recent visit at my local “Lilly Drogerie” was quite unpleasant… So I got few nice makup items elsewhere

Right now I live very close to a drugstore / beauty store from the “Lilly Drogerie” chain. They typically carry the following makeup brands:

  • Golden Rose
  • Essence
  • Catrice
  • Pretty by Flormar
  • Rimmel
  • Revlon
  • Maybeline
  • L’Oreal
  • Max Factor

and depending on the store maybe a couple more…

My local one has a stand for each of the brands I mentioned above. I visit this store very often. You may think that this is great and very convinient to have a store like than nearby and most of the time it is… I can just pop down grab few things and carry on with my day…

Exept that sometimes things don’t go that smoothly… I went to the store today and it is the end of the mont so I had a very limited amount of funds and I had a list of 3 thing that I wanted to get:

  1. Lipstick Palette by Essence – I saw that it was on a disount for 5€ and I considered geting it few times
  2. Concealer – I also saw a couple and I knew they were around 3€
  3. Eyeshadow Palette – I was going to look for the cheapest one available

So I went in the store and I had about 15€. I got the lipstick palette, I found a couple of concealers by Cartice that I didn’t see before that were about 3€ each. Then I started looking for eyeshadow palette.

It took a very long time, I was moving from one stand to another and I couldn’t find anything within my price range. All the eyeshadow palettes were 7€ and above…

But then I looked at the box with discounted items and there was this eye & face palette by Essence that didn’t have a price. I opened the palette and few of the eyeshadows were broken…

I know how to fix broken eyeshadows so that didn’t bother me. I picked it up because knowing that it is in the discount box and it is broken then surely the price has to be lower…

At the checkout counter I gave the girl the broken palette first and I told her that I got it from the box with discounted items and that it is all broken inside and I would like to know how much that palette costs…

She checked it in the system and told me – This one is 7€ …

There other eyeshadow palettes in the Essence stand and they were new with more product in them and they were around 7€ !!! Not to mention the few of the other brands also had NEW eyeshadow palettes around the same price…

The girl said – You are taking it right ? And I told her one more time “This pallete is broken”… I said that I am not paying that much for a broken pallete that I picked from the box with items on a discount… So she just put it away…

I gave her the rest of my things (3 items) and she told me that the total amount to pay is 15€

So I once again explained that the lipstick palette is on a discount and it actually had a red price tag wich you can see towards the bottom right of my photo.

It was priced at about 5€ but the girl said that the final price she seeis in the system is about 9€…

At this point I just placed everything on the counter and left the store…

I got annoyed and I think I said that this wasn’t a good shopping experience as I was walking out… not that anyone there cares…

It is a third time that something has been mislabeled in this store and no one seems to be bothered about fixing it… They just ignore what’s going on and expected me to buy the things I pick at a “surprise price” that had nothing to do with the price on the actual label.

I went to another local store… smaller one just to see if I would find anything there.The brands they had are small brands that don’t have that much of online presence but they still have good products at a good price.

For 10€ I got 6 items 🙂

  1. 18 color Eyeshadow Palette by RubyMax
  2. Thin Eyeliner / Lipliner brush by W7
  3. Concealer by Impala
  4. White eyeshadow by RubyRose
  5. Yellow eyeshadow by RubyRose
  6. Green eyeshadow by RubyRose


and they were much closer to what I was looking for.
I was so happy to finally get a thin lipliner brush 🙂

Another great thing is that all the items I got had the expiration dates written on them so I could see that they are good for more than a year.

The items in Lilly that end up in the discount box usually are items that are coming close to the expiration date… or broken ones or both. This is why it is such a shame that they don’t assist the very few people that are willing to buy those items…

I gess they prefer to keep them and toss them away… or who knows amybe the workers there want them for themselves… I donno what to think any more…

Anyways I am happy because I did my challenge for today – I got several things with very limited amount of money 🙂 I just wish that more business owners can remeber that when it comes to cosmetics – there is always another brand right around the corner.

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