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I officially started building my own professional makeup kit 🙂
First thing I got is a sturdy case – great size for a beginner such as myself.

As I mentioned in my previous post I did start my first makeup artistry course 10 years ago so I did have a different case before this one. My actual first case was included in the tuition of my course and it already had pre-selected products. It was the metal type and it had two levels but in reality the amount of things that I could fit in it wasn’t that much grater.

I remember that my metal case wasn’t comfortable to carry – it was soooo heavy – I believe it was heavier than my pro photography equipment, that I usually bring with me for a photoshoot. I ended up getting a smaller case as well so I had two metal cases at some point and this was too much for me.

The case I have now is perfect 🙂 and it turns out to be quite a popular choice because after getting it I came across other makeup artists, on and offline, using the same or very similar case.

I am very excited to start assembling my pro kit and this time I will be choosing all the products. I will test them to see what they feel like and decide if they are convenient to use, before I add them to my kit.

Here is my video showing what the case looks like and why after extensive search I picked this one:

You can get a bag like this one on & but make sure to look at the photos that previous buyers submitted since some shops offer slightly different versions.

Other shops may have the photo of this bag but then when you look at the comments left from buyers you may see a completely different smaller bag – so always check.

In my next post I will show you the products I have in my kit so far.

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